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Am I really the dreamer? [entries|friends|calendar]
Who thinks about what they're doing these days?

And I dawdled on the roadside, like there was nothing better to do in this world, wishing for a rainfall and scribbling down my screams. And then I lose my way thinking about what people say- Why, her head is full of dreams. And I waited on that roadside, like a whore that no one loves, Waiting for my rainbow, while they all say, "You stupid crying dove. You think they're gonna listen to you?" and all I can say is, "Listen to what, exactly?"
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[10 Dec 2012|06:36pm]
[ mood | exclusive ]

Friends Only. Comment if you'd like to read the ramblings of the girl who laughs at the air. It's just too bad you'll never learn why.

This entry stays on top, so don't worry - I didn't remove you. =]
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